Why should my child work out and exercise? 

Childhood obesity is at its highest rate which leads to higher risk of many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other health conditions. It's pertinent that children have a healthy, active lifestyle in their early ages which will also benefit them from when they grow into an adult. 

What are the physical benefits of working out and boot camp? 

Less likely to be overweight, body fat control, decreased risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, strong muscles and bones, better sleep

What are the mental benefits of working out and boot camp? 

Strong emotional well-being, positive outlook on life, possible link to better academics (increased concentration and focus), making new friends, learning about teamwork 

Why is a Marine Corps style boot camp good for my child? 

Marine Corps exercises are fun and simple enough for children to do and the kids are trained by real Marines. We also have an indoor obstacle course that many of our warrior kids really enjoy. Kids get to work out in a team environment and it's safe, fun and positive. 

How long are the boot camp sessions for kids? 

45 minutes 

What if my kid is not athletic or in shape? 

It doesn't matter! We vary our workouts to each individual so any child of any fitness level can participate. 

What will my child do during a class? 

Classes begin with a warm-up and stretching and then move on to various group exercises, partner work and other fun fitness activities which will help kids increase speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and mental strength. 

Will boot camp help my child's school studies? 

Yes! Studies have shown that exercise helps kids to better at school because of increased concentration and focus which translates into school studies. 

Will boot camp help my child's sports ability? 

Yes! If your child plays an organized sport, boot camp can help by giving them the skills, aerobic capacity and endurace they need to succeed in the sports they participate in. 

Is the boot camp safe and clean for my child? 

Yes! We clean our facilities every day and we ensure that we take the utmost precautions with your child's safety. We monitor each child constantly and the trainers at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp are all ACE certified. 

How old does my child need to be to take a kids class? 

7 years to 16 years of age 

What should my child bring to boot camp? 

 Warrior shirt, water bottle and a positive attitude!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to call us at 212-967-7977. 

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