Warrior of the Month – Sept 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


I grew up playing sports and have gone through a lot of different fitness phases. Which Christian Bale should I go for this year? American Psycho Bale (lean Adonis) or Batman Begins (slightly meatier), I spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer, a fairly sedentary lifestyle unless you’re lunging to the water cooler 30 times a day. After about 9 months at my job, I knew I was on a sure path to the American Hustle Bale (Batman Begins Bale with a John Belushi workout regimen). I used to think that my job was too demanding to stay fit. Then I decided that was a crappy attitude so I signed up for a half marathon in the spring of 2014. Was I prepared for it? Not at all, but I knew I had to start getting out there again. I was looking for a wakeup call. When I finished the race, I was tempted to ask my mom to carry me to the car. I could barely take another step. 5 months and countless sessions at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp (“WFBC”) later, I have completed an 18-mile race, placing 7th in my age group, I placed top 75 at a Spartan Beast, completed a GoRuck Challenge and I’m one month away from running a NYC marathon.


Why I love WFBC


I leave every session thinking, “Wow that was hard, but I feel spectacular”. Then I go eat breakfast that I deserve and I sit at my desk. No (sane) person loves running flights of stairs with kettle bell, doing laps of bear crawls or climbing a rope and as much of a masochists as I may, I can say confidently that I would never think to do those exercises on my own. And that’s what makes this experience unique. Alex, Ruben and Colter each bring their own brand of dynamic and incredible rewarding torture instruction. It may feel like hell, but it’s beyond worth it.


With that, allow me to caveat the last few sentences with the following… This class suits all fitness levels and all ages. Every class of Warriors is a testament to that. You can count on the instructors to work with you to create a challenging workout experience that caters to your fitness levels as any injuries / Sensitivities you may have.


The class is great for anyone looking for a challenge to feel good about themselves, to improve strength and endurance, to crush obstacle course racing, to meet great people and let off some steam.. The list goes on.




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