Warrior of the Month – Oct 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



So where to begin…Three years ago, I came across Warrior Fitness Boot Camp while on a cab drive out in the city with my best friend heading to another night of drinking and binge eating. I specifically remember not feeling good about the way I looked or felt that night. I had gained weight, always felt lethargic, and my clothes sizes were getting bigger every year. Anyway, as I tried to turn off the taxi screen the video for WFBC was playing and I was sold! I needed something to push me. I never liked gyms or yoga studios. This felt different so I told my girlfriend that we should do it. I came for a trial class and it kicked my butt.



After about 10 minutes into the introductory class, I wanted to die. Yet while I was pondering the fact that death seemed a comfortable alternative to this seemingly endless (please be reminded that it had only been 10 minutes) barrage of exercises, the instructors kept pushing me beyond what I had thought I could do. The class ended up completely kicked my rear-end, figuratively. However, by the conclusion of the class, I realized that not only could survive the class, but that I needed to come back and kick its butt.



What’s fantastic about Warrior is that the constant motivation from the instructors and your classmates helps me push through what I thought I could do. In addition to improving my physical endurance and feeling more energetic though out all of the other phases of my life, I’ve met great people and that includes some of(just kidding) the trainers as well. I never thought I could climb ropes and jump walls but now those are some of the very activities that make this place my “temple” to relieve stress. But my favorite, favorite part is wearing that vest! (just kidding, again).


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