Warrior of the Month – Nov 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp




I worked it out and it was a little over 3 years and 9 months ago that I had my first warrior class, it was terrifying and I hated it. I had flashbacks to this horrible gym class my mother sent me to as a child in England, where the evil gym instructor left me hanging from a bar for what seemed like an hour. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am a very frugal person (I believe that is the polite way of saying cheap), I probably would not have shown up for the remaining two classes in my introductory 3 pack.



Prior to finding warrior I was in a bad relationship, living on the Upper East Side (yuck (sorry Li)), 189lbs, smoking. Then I decided to make a change. I quit smoking, my bad relationship quit me, I became addicted to spinning and had a little bit of a dubious eating plan (lets just say there was a little too much lean cuisine in my life). I dropped a bunch of weight, moved to Chelsea and started going to school. The spinning studio that I loved was too far away and ended up selling up. But it was as if in answer to my prayers, Gilt City placed an offer for 3 sessions to Warrior Fitness Bootcamp in my inbox and everything changed.



So back to my induction to Warrior and the flashbacks, and the sorry scene of either Ruben or Alex carrying me through the monkey bars.  Yes, I went back for the second session, which to my surprise was not as bad, and then the third and of course I was hooked!  It’s like crack, not that I’ve tried crack, because I’ve heard crack is whack! But, I digress again, I felt stronger and although the workouts never get easier you get better at them, faster, are able to lift more weight, or just yourself. I struggle a lot with mental blocks, so it took me forever to get the whole way across the incline monkey bars, but when I did, my God the whole Facebook world heard me roar!



Something that I never ever would have thought to call myself before becoming a Warrior is an athlete, and I think I can proudly say I am an “Athlete”. I have completed two Empire State Building Run Ups, three Spartan Sprints, three Spartan Supers, two Spartan Beasts, a Tough Mudder, a bunch of other OCRs, Lots of half marathons, and this year I ran both the London and New York Marathon and next year will bring more (I have a Marathon problem). I don’t think any of that would have happened without the support of Ruben and Alex, Colter, and all of my fellow warriors.



Alex and Ruben have put up with almost four years of me coming in with some kind of injury or medical issue, and have either worked around it or have made me suck it up. They know when to push you and when you need to slow down, they also know when to yell at you when you over train and break yourself, which is what happened to me last year whilst training for the 2013 New York Marathon. Three weeks before I ran 22 miles and then tried to run a half marathon the next day, apparently that equals a stress fracture and broken dreams. After calling and telling me off, Ruben told me to come in boot and all and we would figure out how to work out. I am proud to say I can one legged bear crawl like a pro, but only on one side!



One hugely important lesson I have learned and both Ruben and Alex would kill me if I didn’t mention this, is to listen to my body, to not overdo it and when in doubt ask one of them and then take the advice.



I still have a lot of obstacles I need to conquer, namely that bloody rope! But I’m pretty positive I’m not going to get away with not being able to do it for much longer, especially now. This place is truly like a family, we are all a little bit crazy, but we love each other :)

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