Warrior of the Month – May 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


I heard about Warrior Fitness Boot Camp from my work colleagues in May 2013. They expressed that warrior is a great workout and it will help you lose weight. I thought ok, I can give this a try.  My first class at warrior was intense. As I was running slowly out of breath around the track I had a reality check; I felt so out of shape! I started to cry and thought about giving up. Ruben encouraged me to continue and needless to say I finished without giving up.



I admit that I was intimidated after the first class and I did not come back for a few months. When the new year started, like every other year, I said I want to lose weight. Fortunately my job had a weight loss challenge and I signed up to run 6 marathons this year as way to motivate myself to workout.



Once again my co-worker encouraged me to give Warrior another try. My second experience at Warrior was much better. I went to class with positive thinking that I may not be the fastest or strongest but I would not give up and I will complete these workouts.



Now I’m hooked on Warrior and attend classes twice a week. My best moment at Warrior was being able to go up 12 flights of stairs without being tired. In addition, Warrior has helped me develop more stamina which played a big part in completing my first Half Marathon in April and so far I have lost almost 30 pounds. Working out at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is also a big part in helping me train for New York City Marathon in November.



This is a new journey for me. I have changed to a more positive/healthier lifestyle and I’m losing weight the right way. Warrior is an excellent workout but I can definitely live without push-ups and bear crawls and I’m determined to climb over the 2nd wall on the obstacle course.  If anyone wants to go thru the Warrior experience remember, go at your own pace and never give up!


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