Warrior of the Month – July 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


I’ve always stayed fit. Workouts used to be running and some sit ups, not that I was really good at either. About eight years ago I got into personal training. Found a trainer that I liked, started kickboxing, started getting into a new level of fitness. Two and a half years ago a friend of mine (Alison) who shrunk to almost half her size, told me that there is a class that she started going to that she loves. I bought an intro pack, went and the rest is history. I have been coming to Warrior for close to three years.



The first class I took I didn’t know what hit me. It was a work out like no other. With the trainer, you always had breaks, you can catch your breath and reset. Not here. For a full hour we did not stop. Always doing something. Your rest was doing some jumping jacks. Then there were the stairs. First time you hear: “go up to 12″ you think you can’t do it. But you can, and you find that you still have energy to go on after.



It was a better class then a personal trainer session. Having people around you made you feel like you’re not alone in the pain you were going through. You get a sense of family coming here and as you get to know the people around you that feeling grows and you really look forward to class.



A little over year ago I found out that I was pregnant. I have seen others do the class with the baby bump and wondered whether I could do it. Strangely Alex and Ruben had to be one of the first people who found out that I was pregnant because they needed to make sure that workouts got adjusted accordingly.



They took it very seriously and regularly had to tell me to slow down and make sure that I didn’t do certain exercises. I think Warrior helped me defy family history. I ended up having the healthiest pregnancy. I had no back pains thanks to crazy number of planks. If ever I had foot swelling, it would be gone by the end of class. In general, I had more energy than not just other pregnant women, but folks in general. Life doesn’t time itself and put itself on hold just because you decide to have a baby, so this coincided with one of the most stressful periods and Warrior was the thing that kept me grounded. People asked when I would stop and I said my body would tell me. It told me at 38 weeks.



Fast forward two months ahead and then came the hard part, coming back after the baby. This was the hardest climb back up to fitness I’ve ever had. I remember Alex saying in passing if you stay consistent you should be able to come back pretty strong. Now consistency with a baby, work and a longer commute was hard to come by, but I committed to coming at least once a week. Seems like a small step, but it made such a difference. Some weeks I was able to come twice, some weeks even three and within two months I finally felt my strength come back.



Coming to Warrior also gave me a mental release from all the stresses that come with every day life. There’s something about knowing that you leave every last bit of worry and stress on the floor mats, often times it is in a form of a puddle of sweat. Walking out of there I know I just gave it my all. I feel more energized, more centered and more balanced. It’s like a yoga class and a really really hard workout but only takes an hour.



So thank you to Alex and Ruben for creating and environment that allows us to have as hard a work out as we are willing to handle and place that feels like you are doing this as one big family.


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

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