Warrior of the Month – Jan 2014


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


began Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in February 2013. From the first day, I was hooked as I knew I would be. I believe people hit a level of fitness and are not able to exceed it on your own. I was at that level where I could go no further by doing my own gym workouts. I mean after all, I wasn’t going to yell at myself and demand 50 pushups. But if Alex and Ruben told me to, I knew I would drop immediately and bang them out without complaining. This mentality is what brought me in the door and has kept me at WFBC.



I take the 5:30 a.m. class, Monday through Friday (and occasionally come on the weekends). I live in The Bronx. In order for me to make that class, I have to get up at 3:40 a.m. every day. I leave my house at 4:10 a.m. Most people think I’m crazy. Others have asked me how I’m able to do this and be so consistent. My habit and love of exercising was formed at a young age. I was never involved in sports but always worked out 5-6 days a week. I’m one of those freaks that actually likes it. If I miss a workout, I’m miserable, cranky, and can barely deal with myself let alone have the rest of the world deal with me.  In addition, I work full time in a hospitality environment and am a mother to a teenager daughter. Pretty much my entire day is spent taking care of somebody else. This one hour every morning is my time to be selfish. It’s my time to focus completely on myself and no one else. I forget about my employer or what I have to do that day at work. I forget about all the problems that comes with having a teenager. I push it all from my mind and just do whatever Alex and Ruben tell me to do. It’s the one time in my life that I like to be lead and not in control.  This is what pulls me out of bed every morning at such an absurd hour.



There are so many reasons why I like WFBC. I can go on forever, such as, the health benefits, change of workout every day so you’re never bored, the amount of strength and confidence I’ve gained, the fact that I can climb a rope and get over a 6 foot wall, etc. But what I’d really like to take time and mention is the genuine camaraderie amongst the 5:30 a.m. crew. Everyone is so supportive of each other.  This has extended outside of the gym and true friendships have been made. I’m so glad I met all of you and think we’re all Warriors of the month for getting up that early!



Last but not least, I really need to recognize Alex and Rueben. You two are amazing. The fact that you remember everyone’s name (which is a task in itself) but you also know everyone’s physical capabilities is simply incredible. There is no slacking with you two. You both can tell when I’ve lost focus during the workout and need a mental wake up call to come back to reality and step it up. You guys make the place more than just a gym but like a family. I hope you two like me because I think you’re going to be stuck with me forever!

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