Warrior of the Month – April 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



I heard about Warrior Fitness Boot camp back in 2010 from my sister. She would constantly rave about the workout; about how challenging they were, and how much she was addicted to the classes. From hearing what she had described about the class, I didn’t understand how someone would ever get addicted to something like that! Eventually, she convinced me to try out one class with her and I did. Needless to say, I was dying during my first class! I was out of breath, winded, and overall just struggled my way though.  The intensity to the workouts was nothing like what you would normally get in a gym; squat thrusts, pull-ups, climbing over walls, push-ups, climbing endless stairs, and then everything all over again x 3. The funny thing was however, I ended up going back to it and spent many of my weeknights pushing through the workouts.

I had taken some time off a few years ago due to other obligations. I continued to work out on my own doing mainly spinning, running, boot camp, and other of the more intensive workouts at the gym but they just never felt the same! Around the end of 2012, I got engaged and one of the first things that crossed my mind (before any other wedding plans) was to go back to WFBC  to help prepare me for the big day. I reached out to Alex and Ruben, and soon after, I started back at it again. This time, I had convinced my fiancé to join me!

My usual class has been the 9:30am class. Still to this day, I would get butterflies in my stomach when I hear the music suddenly get cranked louder and either Alex or Ruben would step out of the office and yell, “let’s go 9:30!” I can never expect what is going to happen for the next 60 minutes after that, but I know I can always count on having the most intensive and the best work out that I could get for those 60 minutes.  For the past three months I have been going on a daily basis, not only do I see great results during my wedding dress fittings, I also feel much stronger and healthier overall. I had torn my meniscus on the right knee about a year ago and haven’t been able to return to running like how I used to. The workouts at Warrior have been very helpful for strengthening my muscles and I am looking forward to running in the Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up in a few months. However, far and beyond anything else, I’m ready to get into that wedding dress and get married!

In the relatively short amount of time (~6 months) that I’ve been with Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, my perception has changed dramatically.  To be completely honest, I was skeptical of the class at first as I asked myself “what are these two guys going to do for me that I can’t do by myself at my own gym!?” Well, I know now that I don’t dare to utter those words in front of Ruben and Alex or there will be consequences.

My fiancé Kelly (soon to be wife) convinced me to sign up for classes as an activity that we can do together as we get ready for our wedding.  I thought it was just going to be another wedding experience for us but I didn’t realize that WFBC would be part of our lives now.  The workouts including countless pushups, stairs after stairs, and sprints after sprints with Ruben yelling “Tai, REALLY? REALLY?” while Alex pushing me to do just a few more bicep curls so he can “make a man out of me” really sticks out on my mind.  I always wonder before a class what they are going to do today and they are never the same.  What is the same is the great feeling that I get after the workout.

I love how they have multiple sessions to fit everyone’s schedule and the 1st class is just as tough as the last class.  The WFBC process works and they make you work for it.  Along this process, there are other Warriors with you and it is very encouraging and motivational.  The beautiful thing is each one of them helps you along your individual process.  With leads me to the people responsible!

Alex and Ruben – What can I say?  Without them, this all goes away and it’s the main reason that my perception changed.  These are 2 INDIVIDUALS who are out there for your interest and are genuine.  In the last 6 months, I’ve gotten to know them better, not only as the Boot Camp instructors, but as individuals with lives outside.  I’m really glad that we share some experiences together and we can talk about anything, including the crazy workouts.  I look forward to continuing with those experiences. (maybe not so much the crazy workouts) I thank you both for kicking my ass the last 6 months so I can have this awesome body to show off on my honeymoon!

Kelly – I love you baby and thank you for convincing me to join WFBC!


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



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