Warrior of the Month – Feb 2014



“My Journey has just begun”


My name is Glenn Taylor and I am the guy who is either sweating while bear crawling a lap or climbing up 12 flights with his backpack and clothes on because he was late. I once suggested Alex and Ruben type Hell into their GPS and follow the directions.  That cost me a trip to 12 with two tires and kettle bells. Yep, that is I. I guess you can say I am a glutton for punishment.


Jokes aside one aspect of my life I completely ignored: My health. I was a high school teacher at the time for an Orthodox Jewish High School. Teaching was a stressful endeavor for me; rarely did I feel appreciated. I was also pursuing my Masters in Social Work, all the while attending my internship in a clinic 21 hours a week.  I obtained my Masters of Social Work degree from Yeshiva University and started postgraduate studies of psychoanalysis at an institute.  Due to my work/study mode I did not even venture to work out or keep up any type of physical activity.  I totally ignored my weight gain and started getting frequent chest pains.  My pants started to rip and tear while I walked. I even had a hard time exiting and entering vehicles; I was a hot mess.


I would love to talk about how an 18 year kid from the Bronx got involved with Judaism, but this is not the place. To be honest, being an African American Jew can be lonely due to the lack acceptance within my community.  Faced with this perpetual loneliness I opted to eat.  The only problem with that defense mechanism was that I continued to eat. It was my way of ignoring the very frustrating circumstances of my religious life.  Eventually a long talk with my doctor convinced me to lose the weight. I joined various gyms, but found that I needed something intense, more meaningful.


While waiting for a patient, I surfed the Internet and happened to visit the Warrior Fitness Boot Camp website. I read some of the testimonials. I was impressed with the statements of the participants’ claims of weight loss and regained confidence. I was in need of that as my self-confidence was shot. So I decided to give WBFC a try!


My first class at WBFC was intense! I believe Alex and Ruben were on deck, handing out cans of Whoop ass by the dozens. After my fifth climb up the stairs, I started to wonder if this was the place for me. As I lay on the mat exhausted, Fred Paliani came over to me and said he was impressed that I lasted the whole hour without walking out or passing out. I thought about his statement for a while; I realized that I had indeed “survived.” I felt like I accomplished something, and I knew that I would return. I purchased a packaged and decided to attend 3 X a week. After  months of inconsistent attendance, Alex pulled me aside and encouraged me to recognize the benefits of committing to the program. He was right.


After our talk, I decided committing to attending four days a week and doing a double whenever I could. I noticed my pants started to slip off my hips and I remembered having to hold my pants up while running to catch the train.  I started at 325 pounds and I am now down to the 290 mark.  The great thing is that I’ve been able to keep the weight off for about six months. My biggest struggle is learning and committing to healthy food choices. I go to work early in the morning and work late into the evening. Thus, I have no time to prepare food, and I often eat fast food.  I’m still trying and will not give up!


One surprising effect I noticed is the determination I have gained from WFBC.  I tend to doubt my abilities and keep my confidence level down buts that’s all changed.  For example, after six months of WFBC, Ruben suggested I sign up to run the Men’s Health Urbanathlon . I laughed at the idea, but Ruben strongly suggested I run. Well, I signed up and completed it.  I had never run more than 1 mile and here I was about to start a 9 mile race.  That was the longest 2+ hours of my life, the defining moment was Ruben, at the finish line yelling encouragement “Don’t you Mother F- stop!” as the other participants  looked on with amazement. That was the best moment attending WBFC to date. I have my fellow warriors to thank, as they are quick to offer encouragement. This is the favorite thing about WFBC: A sense of community. This is the one thing I could not live without at WFBC. Oh I almost forgot the advice and encouragement from Ruben and Alex; they are the driving force behind WFBC.  You are not alone in this endeavor. My advice to anyone who is thinking about joining: Just do it! You will not regret taking the steps needed to gain control of your life. I haven’t regretted the positive changes to my health thanks to WFBC!

Warrior of the Month – Jan 2014

CCI’ve been coming to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp for almost 4 years now.


At the time I started I was travelling overseas a lot for work, eating a lot, drinking a lot and hardly exercising at all.  I still thought of myself as reasonably fit but honestly the effects of poor diet and little exercise was showing on my body!  I remember seeing the Warrior commercials in cab’s and thinking it looked interesting so my wife and I came in for the trial class.  It was the about the hardest hour I can remember – I was absolutely destroyed, and humbled (I realized I was absolutely NOT fit) and could hardly walk for days afterwards. But a few days later I came back and just like that was hooked!


What I like about the program is that it builds as you do – just when you think you’re on top of it the guys find a way to hit you even harder.  I can’t remember any class where I haven’t thought to myself  ”WTF am i doing here?” in about the first 15 minutes or so.  All the trainers know how to push beyond your mental and physical “limits”.  You actually can do everything they’re pushing you to do – it may not be fun, but you can do it!   I couldn’t handle running the stairs when I started but won my age-group in last year’s Ubranathlon (2nd place this year – but a faster time!). I really believe that almost anyone can do this if they’re prepared to work for it.


My wife just had our first baby at the end of November so my challenge now is to balance this additional responsibility and not let my fitness slip – I’m determined not to be a fat, unhealthy Dad!  I managed to hit 4 Warrior classes in the first 7 days after my son was born  - after getting my wife’s permission ;-) – so things are still looking good!



Spartan Race


Thanks Alex, Ruben, Frankie and Coulter for kicking my ass every class!


The basics about compression socks

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


The basics about compression socks


I’ve always been asked why I wear compression socks; hopefully these questions/answers help.



Do they Work? You can google compression socks and read all about the debate on why they work or why they don’t work.  This is how I became a believer.


A few years ago I had a nasty calf strain that was not going away.  I tried stretching, foam rolling, AR therapy. You name it, I tried it.  At the time compression socks were just hitting the market, so I looked at them as a gimmick/fad.  At $50 a pair I wanted to do some research, however no one gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling I was hoping for. I decided to try them anyway. After about 5 days of wearing them the pain had subsided and within 2 weeks it was gone.  Even though some reports show the benefits may be more in my head than my legs, I don’t care, I’ll take it. I’ve been wearing them even since and have recommended them to some clients who have had the same positive outcome.



Who can benefit from compression socks?  Everyone can benefit from wearing compression socks. Athletes wear compression socks to reduce muscle fatigue. The same goes for people that sit all day or stand all day. The compression provided helps keep legs from feeling heavy and feet from swelling. Even pregnant women can wear them to help prevent swelling.  I’ve also worn them on long flights.



What do they do? Compression socks can help improve circulation, reduce recovery time, decrease soreness and improve performance.  These are all the things that will help you kick ass and take names.  However, just because you put on a pair does not mean you will magically start running 6 min miles.



When should you use them?  They can be used every day, all day. I wouldn’t sleep with them, I tried it once and it didn’t feel right.  If you can’t wear them at work, maybe try putting them on for a few hours before you go to bed.



Make sure you get the right size.  Some companies go by calf size, so read the back of the box for sizing.  If they feel uncomfortable, your legs throb or it seems like your cutting off circulation get a bigger size.


Calories: To Count or not to Count


 ”I want to lose weight”

Lose Weight

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


Since the start of the New Year I’ve heard this more times than I can remember.  The first things I say are “Are you tracking what you eat?”  “Do you have a food diary?”.  The response is always the same “I eat healthy” “I hate keeping track of what I eat”.


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5 Tips for setting New Year’s Resolution




New Year’s Resolutions are a nice tradition that encourages people to make a conscious effort to work towards a goal or a much needed change in their life. Many make them, and many break them. This week we’ll give you 5 tips to help you stick with your resolution.



Tip#1 Choose a goal!


First, determine where you stand today. Then, decide what kind of goal you want to achieve. It’s important to set attainable, yet challenging goals. Once your goals are set, write them down and put them somewhere you will see them every day. By seeing your long term goal every day, you can focus on achieving it. You can see we already have a list, let us know when you put your list up!


New Year resolution

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

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Warriors of the Month – Dec 2013


Family Fitness

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


Julie (Mom):

4 ½ years ago, my friend was raving about a new workout place near her office – she thought I would love it.  She asked me to try it with her one day so I did and it changed me forever.  At first I was a little intimidated because I wasn’t accustom to a group workout and having real Marines shout out instructions to me.  After the first day, I was so sore but I pushed myself to continue to go because it was so much fun.   As I got to know the regulars at the 9:30am class, I became more comfortable and went more often.  I now go 5 times per week and sometimes do a double class.  Little did I know that Boot Camp would change me in so many ways.  It’s made me a better mother, wife, girlfriend and most of all a healthier, happier person.


Alex and Ruben have a keen ability to make you feel the group exercise has been tailored just for you.  They taught me how to “dig deep” and “push the limits”.  I would hear them say, “you won’t die, your heart won’t pop”.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger couldn’t be more true.  At 50, I can usually keep up with the 25-30 year olds!


In addition to the great workout, I’ve made some great friends.  We share the same work ethic – never quit.  I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past 4 years and have managed to come back stronger than ever each time.  Warrior Fitness Boot Camp has been a wonderful addition to my life.  We all talk about what a special place it’s become.  It releases stress and builds up physical and mental strength like nothing I’ve ever done.


Recently, it has become even more special because my husband and kids have become Warriors and they seem as addicted to it as I am.  Now that they’ve tried it, it all makes sense to them – they don’t think I’m a nut anymore!  Of course, all of their friends now think they’re nuts.


John (Dad):

For years, I would notice how passionate Julie had become about the Boot Camp classes – she would talk about it all the time.  I then noticed how thin and ripped she became – it was quite a transformation.  And she was happy every day – always looking forward to class.  I’ve been working out most of my life but have never enjoyed it.  I would run in the park or on a tread mill always watching the clock waiting for it to finally end.  The result of the work out made me feel good but I would always dread going.  It took over 4 years and Julie’s 50th birthday for her to finally convince me to try Boot Camp.  She said it would be my birthday gift to her.


At first I was apprehensive because I’d never done anything like this and wasn’t sure I could do it.  Of course, I got out of buying Julie a birthday present if I went to just one class so I figured I can do anything once.  I tried it one day and made it through the entire class.  It wasn’t easy and the next day I was very sore but I liked the way the class was structured.  I never realized how powerful working out in a group can be.  You tend to work harder and push yourself when you’re in that type of environment.  It’s a combination of not wanting to look bad, being competitive and wanting to make it through the class – it was really fascinating.  In fact, I found that I had an instant respect for everyone there because I knew how much discipline and heart you need to make it through a class.  Although everyone in the class is very competitive, it is still very friendly.


I started out going 2-3 times per week until the soreness went away.  Unbelievably, I instantly became addicted to it.  The one hour class goes by so fast (no more staring at a clock) and I’m getting into the best shape of my life.  It also makes me feel young again.  When you’re 50 years old, feeling young makes all the difference – Warrior Fitness is a real fountain of youth.  I am now going 4 times per week and loving it.  I walk taller and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.


Alex and Ruben are real Marines that are in great shape and know exactly how to train you.  They watch very closely to make sure you’re doing each exercise properly so you don’t injure yourself.  It’s really like having a personal trainer.


My kids Sophia, Niko and Lucia have all been going to the “kids” Boot Camp that Alex and Ruben started.  So far, the kids love the class and wanted to say a few things in their own words about their experience:


Sophia (14 years old):

Boot Camp has changed my life in a significant way.  It’s given me the strength, discipline and confidence to try out for my High School Varsity Volleyball team and somehow I made the team.  The workout is hard but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  I’m hoping to continue the class as often as I can.


Niko (10 years old):

I’m Niko and I am 10 years old.  I started Boot Camp because my Mom said, if I can get Alex to start a kids Boot Camp, would I go?  Totally was my response.  Then, one day she gave me the great news, there was finally a kids Boot Camp scheduled.  I went and loved it.  It was hard work but Alex and Ruben were so nice.  I am going to try and do it as much as I can.


Lucia (8 years old):

Hi, I am Lucia and I am 8 years old.  The first time I went to Boot Camp, it was so so hard for me.  The next time I went, it was so much fun and easier for me.  My favorite thing to do are the monkey bars.  I love my two Marines because they make the workout so much fun.  My two Marines are cuties and the best ever because they are nice and make me strong and healthy. I am going to go with my brother and sister as often as I can.

Warrior of the Month – Nov 2013

Boot CAmp NYC

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp








I started going to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp over 5 years ago.  My friend Manny convinced me to go with him.  At that time I was working out 3 days per week.  I thought I was in very good shape until I went to my first class.  After about 10 minutes I was exhausted and struggled to finish the class.  I originally started going 2 days per week and worked up to 3 days per week.  I now normally go 4 days per week but sometimes I will go 5 days.  I mainly go to the 7:30 AM class before work and I feel energized from the class all day.  What’s great about Warrior Fitness is that every class is different.  There are always new exercises and challenges in every class.




Last October I was able to compete in the Urbanathalon at Citifield.  I never ran in any race like that and I was able to finish the race in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  The easiest parts of the race were the obstacles and stairs.  This is something we practice so much in class.




Alex and Ruben do a great job of getting the most out of you.  The classes are never easy and every time you get comfortable with an exercise they always seem to throw something new at you.  My favorite part of the class is the accomplishment of being able to do exercises that you couldn’t do before.  I had a heart valve replacement 12 years ago.  My cardiologist and surgeon both agree that Warrior Fitness has been great for me, and I am in the best shape of my life.


fitness boot camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



The best moment I had in class was during a lunch time class it was snowing outside.  Of course we had to do the stairs multiple times.  One time on the way down a few of us decided to make snow balls.  We brought them down and started to pelt Alex and Ruben.  That alone was worth any of the recourse that happened after that.  The advice I would give to any new person is to make it thru the first class and keep coming back.  The people in the class are fun and the camaraderie is great.


Eric Wolf

November = Consistency Month!!



We’ve talked about consistency all week, so to help you stay on track we are making November – Consistency Month!!


It’s very simple, attend 20 classes during the month of November and earn 4 FREE CLASSES. With the holiday season right around the corner you’re going to need our help!

Consistency is Key – Part 3

Rule #3: Never, Never Give Up!



Saying that you’re not motivated is not an option, unless you really don’t want to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle. As long as you do want these things, you have all the motivation you need.


Sometimes you just don’t want to exercise and would rather go out and eat something that’s not “the best choice”, rather than cooking dinner. That’s understandable, it’s happened to us also but it doesn’t mean that you’re not motivated. It just means that you want two different things, and you have to make a decision. Telling yourself that you lack motivation is just a way of denying that you really do have a choice.


In the long run you’ll do better if you acknowledge that the choice is yours to make. You can choose either option, without making excuses or inventing a theory like “lack of motivation” or “no will power” to justify it. Then, pay attention to how you feel about the choice you made, and decide whether that is how you want to feel most of the time.


  • Plan a cheat meal rather than a cheat day



  • Work treats into your diet if necessary, we’ve seen that having a small indulgence each day, like a piece of chocolate keeps you satisfied and allows you to choose healthy options the rest of the time.



  • Balance is vital- Watching calorie intake and eating healthy is important, but so is enjoying life and not obsessing about everything you eat. Finding the right balance will ensure long term compliance.




Being consistent does not mean being perfect. There are going to be days when you decide to do something other than stick to your exercise and diet routine, and that’s fine. We all overindulge at times but many of us use that as an excuse to quit.  One mistake isn’t the end of the world and even if you fall of the wagon you can always get back on it.  So NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!





Consistency is Key – Part 2

Rule #2: Always have a Plan and a Plan B. 


Because life is unpredictable and complicated at times, you need to have plan B ready even before you actually need it. We’re going to put you on to something we’ve used in the Marines; it’s called “The 5 P’s” – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  Obviously, you can’t foresee every single problem that might come up. But most of the time, the things that get in your way are things that happen fairly often like  extra hours at work, happy hour,  forgetting your workout clothes or the days when you just don’t feel very energetic. Those surprises won’t throw you off track if you plan. For example:



  • Pack your gym bag the night before and ensure you grabbed a WFBC shirt, workout pants, socks, etc… This is a good idea because when you wake up in the morning you’re not going to be as sharp as you may think.  We’ve had Warriors show up to class with 2 left sneaker, one more than one occasion.


  • For those days that you’re just not feeling it, don’t fret, just get yourself through the doors of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Put a little time into identifying the most common problems that disrupt your healthy routine, and plan in advance what you can do to handle these problems without sacrificing your diet and exercise routine. Then all you’ll have to do is put your plan B into action.


All you have to do is take a few minutes and look at the upcoming week and try to identify potential problems and come up with a plan.  If predicting the upcoming week is overwhelming try taking one day at a time.  If all doesn’t work, take it meal to meal, that’s how we made it through Marine Boot Camp.


Tomorrow we’ll go over our last Tip on staying on track!

Consistency is Key – Part 1


We hear it time and time again, “I’m not losing weight”. 
How many different diet’s and cleanses have you tried.  I am going to guess “too damn many”. Every few months a new weight loss revolution comes out promising results never seen before.  These Fads may help you lose weight in the short term, but can you sustain your weight loss in the long run?  We are always skeptical to all “diets”.  We always ask 1 question, can you sustain this “diet” long term and by long term we mean forever.


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Warriors take on Men’s Health Urbanathlon


Training for Urbanathlon

WFBC crushes Urbanathlon




This past weekend we kicked the Men’s Health Urbanathlon’s butt once again. This is the 4th year we participated in this race.  Saturday morning was a brisk 43 degrees with a 10% chance of rain, which I was reminded of several times leading up to the race from a few “concerned” Warriors.  We arrived at 7:20am and got a glimpse of parts of the course. Everything looked so calm and peaceful but that would soon change.  Citi field looked awesome with the sunrise as it’s backdrop.


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