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Warrior of the Month – Nov 2014

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp




I worked it out and it was a little over 3 years and 9 months ago that I had my first warrior class, it was terrifying and I hated it. I had flashbacks to this horrible gym class my mother sent me to as a child in England, where the evil gym instructor left me hanging from a bar for what seemed like an hour. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am a very frugal person (I believe that is the polite way of saying cheap), I probably would not have shown up for the remaining two classes in my introductory 3 pack.



Prior to finding warrior I was in a bad relationship, living on the Upper East Side (yuck (sorry Li)), 189lbs, smoking. Then I decided to make a change. I quit smoking, my bad relationship quit me, I became addicted to spinning and had a little bit of a dubious eating plan (lets just say there was a little too much lean cuisine in my life). I dropped a bunch of weight, moved to Chelsea and started going to school. The spinning studio that I loved was too far away and ended up selling up. But it was as if in answer to my prayers, Gilt City placed an offer for 3 sessions to Warrior Fitness Bootcamp in my inbox and everything changed.



So back to my induction to Warrior and the flashbacks, and the sorry scene of either Ruben or Alex carrying me through the monkey bars.  Yes, I went back for the second session, which to my surprise was not as bad, and then the third and of course I was hooked!  It’s like crack, not that I’ve tried crack, because I’ve heard crack is whack! But, I digress again, I felt stronger and although the workouts never get easier you get better at them, faster, are able to lift more weight, or just yourself. I struggle a lot with mental blocks, so it took me forever to get the whole way across the incline monkey bars, but when I did, my God the whole Facebook world heard me roar!



Something that I never ever would have thought to call myself before becoming a Warrior is an athlete, and I think I can proudly say I am an “Athlete”. I have completed two Empire State Building Run Ups, three Spartan Sprints, three Spartan Supers, two Spartan Beasts, a Tough Mudder, a bunch of other OCRs, Lots of half marathons, and this year I ran both the London and New York Marathon and next year will bring more (I have a Marathon problem). I don’t think any of that would have happened without the support of Ruben and Alex, Colter, and all of my fellow warriors.



Alex and Ruben have put up with almost four years of me coming in with some kind of injury or medical issue, and have either worked around it or have made me suck it up. They know when to push you and when you need to slow down, they also know when to yell at you when you over train and break yourself, which is what happened to me last year whilst training for the 2013 New York Marathon. Three weeks before I ran 22 miles and then tried to run a half marathon the next day, apparently that equals a stress fracture and broken dreams. After calling and telling me off, Ruben told me to come in boot and all and we would figure out how to work out. I am proud to say I can one legged bear crawl like a pro, but only on one side!



One hugely important lesson I have learned and both Ruben and Alex would kill me if I didn’t mention this, is to listen to my body, to not overdo it and when in doubt ask one of them and then take the advice.



I still have a lot of obstacles I need to conquer, namely that bloody rope! But I’m pretty positive I’m not going to get away with not being able to do it for much longer, especially now. This place is truly like a family, we are all a little bit crazy, but we love each other :)

The basics about compression socks

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


The basics about compression socks


I’ve always been asked why I wear compression socks; hopefully these questions/answers help.



Do they Work? You can google compression socks and read all about the debate on why they work or why they don’t work.  This is how I became a believer.


A few years ago I had a nasty calf strain that was not going away.  I tried stretching, foam rolling, AR therapy. You name it, I tried it.  At the time compression socks were just hitting the market, so I looked at them as a gimmick/fad.  At $50 a pair I wanted to do some research, however no one gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling I was hoping for. I decided to try them anyway. After about 5 days of wearing them the pain had subsided and within 2 weeks it was gone.  Even though some reports show the benefits may be more in my head than my legs, I don’t care, I’ll take it. I’ve been wearing them even since and have recommended them to some clients who have had the same positive outcome.



Who can benefit from compression socks?  Everyone can benefit from wearing compression socks. Athletes wear compression socks to reduce muscle fatigue. The same goes for people that sit all day or stand all day. The compression provided helps keep legs from feeling heavy and feet from swelling. Even pregnant women can wear them to help prevent swelling.  I’ve also worn them on long flights.



What do they do? Compression socks can help improve circulation, reduce recovery time, decrease soreness and improve performance.  These are all the things that will help you kick ass and take names.  However, just because you put on a pair does not mean you will magically start running 6 min miles.



When should you use them?  They can be used every day, all day. I wouldn’t sleep with them, I tried it once and it didn’t feel right.  If you can’t wear them at work, maybe try putting them on for a few hours before you go to bed.



Make sure you get the right size.  Some companies go by calf size, so read the back of the box for sizing.  If they feel uncomfortable, your legs throb or it seems like your cutting off circulation get a bigger size.


5 Tips for setting New Year’s Resolution




New Year’s Resolutions are a nice tradition that encourages people to make a conscious effort to work towards a goal or a much needed change in their life. Many make them, and many break them. This week we’ll give you 5 tips to help you stick with your resolution.



Tip#1 Choose a goal!


First, determine where you stand today. Then, decide what kind of goal you want to achieve. It’s important to set attainable, yet challenging goals. Once your goals are set, write them down and put them somewhere you will see them every day. By seeing your long term goal every day, you can focus on achieving it. You can see we already have a list, let us know when you put your list up!


New Year resolution

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

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Warriors of the Month – Dec 2013


Family Fitness

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


Julie (Mom):

4 ½ years ago, my friend was raving about a new workout place near her office – she thought I would love it.  She asked me to try it with her one day so I did and it changed me forever.  At first I was a little intimidated because I wasn’t accustom to a group workout and having real Marines shout out instructions to me.  After the first day, I was so sore but I pushed myself to continue to go because it was so much fun.   As I got to know the regulars at the 9:30am class, I became more comfortable and went more often.  I now go 5 times per week and sometimes do a double class.  Little did I know that Boot Camp would change me in so many ways.  It’s made me a better mother, wife, girlfriend and most of all a healthier, happier person.


Alex and Ruben have a keen ability to make you feel the group exercise has been tailored just for you.  They taught me how to “dig deep” and “push the limits”.  I would hear them say, “you won’t die, your heart won’t pop”.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger couldn’t be more true.  At 50, I can usually keep up with the 25-30 year olds!


In addition to the great workout, I’ve made some great friends.  We share the same work ethic – never quit.  I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past 4 years and have managed to come back stronger than ever each time.  Warrior Fitness Boot Camp has been a wonderful addition to my life.  We all talk about what a special place it’s become.  It releases stress and builds up physical and mental strength like nothing I’ve ever done.


Recently, it has become even more special because my husband and kids have become Warriors and they seem as addicted to it as I am.  Now that they’ve tried it, it all makes sense to them – they don’t think I’m a nut anymore!  Of course, all of their friends now think they’re nuts.


John (Dad):

For years, I would notice how passionate Julie had become about the Boot Camp classes – she would talk about it all the time.  I then noticed how thin and ripped she became – it was quite a transformation.  And she was happy every day – always looking forward to class.  I’ve been working out most of my life but have never enjoyed it.  I would run in the park or on a tread mill always watching the clock waiting for it to finally end.  The result of the work out made me feel good but I would always dread going.  It took over 4 years and Julie’s 50th birthday for her to finally convince me to try Boot Camp.  She said it would be my birthday gift to her.


At first I was apprehensive because I’d never done anything like this and wasn’t sure I could do it.  Of course, I got out of buying Julie a birthday present if I went to just one class so I figured I can do anything once.  I tried it one day and made it through the entire class.  It wasn’t easy and the next day I was very sore but I liked the way the class was structured.  I never realized how powerful working out in a group can be.  You tend to work harder and push yourself when you’re in that type of environment.  It’s a combination of not wanting to look bad, being competitive and wanting to make it through the class – it was really fascinating.  In fact, I found that I had an instant respect for everyone there because I knew how much discipline and heart you need to make it through a class.  Although everyone in the class is very competitive, it is still very friendly.


I started out going 2-3 times per week until the soreness went away.  Unbelievably, I instantly became addicted to it.  The one hour class goes by so fast (no more staring at a clock) and I’m getting into the best shape of my life.  It also makes me feel young again.  When you’re 50 years old, feeling young makes all the difference – Warrior Fitness is a real fountain of youth.  I am now going 4 times per week and loving it.  I walk taller and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.


Alex and Ruben are real Marines that are in great shape and know exactly how to train you.  They watch very closely to make sure you’re doing each exercise properly so you don’t injure yourself.  It’s really like having a personal trainer.


My kids Sophia, Niko and Lucia have all been going to the “kids” Boot Camp that Alex and Ruben started.  So far, the kids love the class and wanted to say a few things in their own words about their experience:


Sophia (14 years old):

Boot Camp has changed my life in a significant way.  It’s given me the strength, discipline and confidence to try out for my High School Varsity Volleyball team and somehow I made the team.  The workout is hard but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  I’m hoping to continue the class as often as I can.


Niko (10 years old):

I’m Niko and I am 10 years old.  I started Boot Camp because my Mom said, if I can get Alex to start a kids Boot Camp, would I go?  Totally was my response.  Then, one day she gave me the great news, there was finally a kids Boot Camp scheduled.  I went and loved it.  It was hard work but Alex and Ruben were so nice.  I am going to try and do it as much as I can.


Lucia (8 years old):

Hi, I am Lucia and I am 8 years old.  The first time I went to Boot Camp, it was so so hard for me.  The next time I went, it was so much fun and easier for me.  My favorite thing to do are the monkey bars.  I love my two Marines because they make the workout so much fun.  My two Marines are cuties and the best ever because they are nice and make me strong and healthy. I am going to go with my brother and sister as often as I can.

Warrior of the Month – Nov 2013

Boot CAmp NYC

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp








I started going to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp over 5 years ago.  My friend Manny convinced me to go with him.  At that time I was working out 3 days per week.  I thought I was in very good shape until I went to my first class.  After about 10 minutes I was exhausted and struggled to finish the class.  I originally started going 2 days per week and worked up to 3 days per week.  I now normally go 4 days per week but sometimes I will go 5 days.  I mainly go to the 7:30 AM class before work and I feel energized from the class all day.  What’s great about Warrior Fitness is that every class is different.  There are always new exercises and challenges in every class.




Last October I was able to compete in the Urbanathalon at Citifield.  I never ran in any race like that and I was able to finish the race in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  The easiest parts of the race were the obstacles and stairs.  This is something we practice so much in class.




Alex and Ruben do a great job of getting the most out of you.  The classes are never easy and every time you get comfortable with an exercise they always seem to throw something new at you.  My favorite part of the class is the accomplishment of being able to do exercises that you couldn’t do before.  I had a heart valve replacement 12 years ago.  My cardiologist and surgeon both agree that Warrior Fitness has been great for me, and I am in the best shape of my life.


fitness boot camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



The best moment I had in class was during a lunch time class it was snowing outside.  Of course we had to do the stairs multiple times.  One time on the way down a few of us decided to make snow balls.  We brought them down and started to pelt Alex and Ruben.  That alone was worth any of the recourse that happened after that.  The advice I would give to any new person is to make it thru the first class and keep coming back.  The people in the class are fun and the camaraderie is great.


Eric Wolf

Warriors take on Men’s Health Urbanathlon


Training for Urbanathlon

WFBC crushes Urbanathlon




This past weekend we kicked the Men’s Health Urbanathlon’s butt once again. This is the 4th year we participated in this race.  Saturday morning was a brisk 43 degrees with a 10% chance of rain, which I was reminded of several times leading up to the race from a few “concerned” Warriors.  We arrived at 7:20am and got a glimpse of parts of the course. Everything looked so calm and peaceful but that would soon change.  Citi field looked awesome with the sunrise as it’s backdrop.


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Warriors fight breast cancer!

Warriors in pink




October is Breast Cancer Awareness month at WFBC! We will be donating $10 from the purchase of our limited edition PINK T shirts to Breast Cancer research.  Every Friday in October is Pink Friday, wear your shirts and show support.


Women in the United States have a “1 in 8” (or about 12 percent) lifetime risk of getting breast cancer. This means that for every eight women in the U.S. who live to be age 85, one will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. 

- American Cancer Society

Warrior of the Month – October 2013


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


Marissa Rocker


When I moved to NYC back in 2008, I began working at a company where every morning I would see one of my coworkers run from the elevator straight into the office locker room all sweaty and red and always in that same black shirt.  I finally decided to ask her where the heck she was coming from, she told me Warrior Fitness Boot Camp.  It intrigued me, so I called and signed up for my first class.


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