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Warrior of the Month – Nov 2013

Boot CAmp NYC

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp








I started going to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp over 5 years ago.  My friend Manny convinced me to go with him.  At that time I was working out 3 days per week.  I thought I was in very good shape until I went to my first class.  After about 10 minutes I was exhausted and struggled to finish the class.  I originally started going 2 days per week and worked up to 3 days per week.  I now normally go 4 days per week but sometimes I will go 5 days.  I mainly go to the 7:30 AM class before work and I feel energized from the class all day.  What’s great about Warrior Fitness is that every class is different.  There are always new exercises and challenges in every class.




Last October I was able to compete in the Urbanathalon at Citifield.  I never ran in any race like that and I was able to finish the race in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  The easiest parts of the race were the obstacles and stairs.  This is something we practice so much in class.




Alex and Ruben do a great job of getting the most out of you.  The classes are never easy and every time you get comfortable with an exercise they always seem to throw something new at you.  My favorite part of the class is the accomplishment of being able to do exercises that you couldn’t do before.  I had a heart valve replacement 12 years ago.  My cardiologist and surgeon both agree that Warrior Fitness has been great for me, and I am in the best shape of my life.


fitness boot camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp



The best moment I had in class was during a lunch time class it was snowing outside.  Of course we had to do the stairs multiple times.  One time on the way down a few of us decided to make snow balls.  We brought them down and started to pelt Alex and Ruben.  That alone was worth any of the recourse that happened after that.  The advice I would give to any new person is to make it thru the first class and keep coming back.  The people in the class are fun and the camaraderie is great.


Eric Wolf

November = Consistency Month!!



We’ve talked about consistency all week, so to help you stay on track we are making November – Consistency Month!!


It’s very simple, attend 20 classes during the month of November and earn 4 FREE CLASSES. With the holiday season right around the corner you’re going to need our help!