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Warrior of the Month – June 2013

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp


Anita Girdhari 


I decided to try out Warrior Fitness Bootcamp several years ago. For most of my life prior to joining Warrior Fitness Bootcamp, I played on various soccer teams and so never really thought about what it took to plan a good workout, how to fit a workout into an otherwise hectic day or about pushing myself – I simply just showed up for practice and did whatever the coach told me to do! In fact, I spent more hours than I would like to admit praying for rain (so that maybe practice would be cancelled) and wondering if the tickle that I thought I felt in my throat meant I was getting sick and should skip practice. Once I started working, I was no longer a part of an organized team and was in charge of my own “workout destiny,” and, after a couple of years of “me being in charge,” it was apparent that this was not a good thing! So, I decided to give bootcamp a try.


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